Simple Tracker

Yesterday I released my third app which is called Simple Tracker. It's basically a calendar were you can enter data on different variables and then be able to plot the values over time.
Obviously there are far more advanced fitness / health applications out there, but in my opinion they are too advanced. I don't know how many grams of cereals I eat for breakfast or how much cheese are on my pizza. What I do know are which days I workout and the measurements I make. And that is what I use the application for. ie. recording my weight a couple of times each week and annotate the days I workout with a color depending of the activity.
Below are some of the screenshots from market, please note that this is sample data :)

Calendar overview 
Viewing data

The app can be found on Android Market and is currently in beta and free but ad-supported. It will of course be a part of my Cubing For Charity campain


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