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Java 4k 2013 - Meltdown

In the wake of ‘Peak Oil’ in 2143, factions struggle to claim their share of the world's trickling reserve. But deep beneath the melting ice of Antarctica a new oil deposit has been discovered; the likes of which have never been seen. As private prospectors flock to the site like vultures to a corpse, you are the only thing standing between them and the fate of an entire world. Should you claim the oil and receive riches beyond your wildest dreams, or make sure it remains buried and maybe save a dying planet? Meltdown is my entry in this years Java 4k game competition. This year I teamed up with the game designer Daniel Frostberg who created the actual concept while I focused on the code. The game is a 3d dogfight game with a little twist, you have to fight below the surface as well as above it. Or as the strategy guide put it: The Antarctic is an inhospitable place – especially with prospectors around, determined to eliminate all opposing competition. Luckily, your Black Gannet su…