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Width of an element in javascript

When starting with the gwt-floating-header project i ran into some problems with getting, what i call, the" true width" of an element in javascript. With "true width" i mean the width of the element excluding padding, border and margin. And because i'm writing for GWT I don't have luxury of be able to use the .width() function in jQuery. It took me a while to get the script to this point and i'm not really sure if it works for all browsers but it might help someone to get started. function width(element) { var style = element.currentStyle || element.ownerDocument.defaultView.getComputedStyle(element, null); var safe = function(v) { return parseInt(v, 10) || 0; }; return element.offsetWidth - safe(style.paddingLeft) - safe(style.paddingRight) - safe(style.borderLeftWidth) - safe(style.borderRightWidth); } GWT version of this snippet can be found here . Please let me know if you find any strangeness or incompatibilities in the code. E

Floating table headers for GWT

Today I've created a Google code project for the GWT port of my  jQuery floating header plugin . It's a very lightweight library that already supports both column and row headers. Since the code base is very young i haven't had the chance to try the compatibility with a lot of browsers but in time i might do this. The project is available at: .