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Mask - the liero clone

Finally I've rewritten my little engine so that it is in a presentable state. The list of things I've tried and changed is huge but in the end it turned out pretty stable. It's gonna take a while to transform this preview into a real game though and i'm not sure i'm up for it actually. This feels like a release to me because it's playable :) Anyway what i need to do is roughly: Add a menu for game setup and changing controls Adding more weapons Adding powerups Implement some kind of sound support Get new graphics Controls Here are the controls for both players. I just realized that the keys might be placed very tight. I'm using a split natural keyboard so it works for me. Action Player 1 Player 2 Walk D,G,R,F Left, Right, U, Down Change Weapon Q Y Jump W U Shoot S J Ninja Rope Q+W Y+U Digg Hold one direction and tap the other You can also try experimenting with the mouse to add/remove ground and add particles. Applet If you're lik

JFreeChart Legend Arrangement

When i was working with JFreeChart i found no way to layout the items of the legend box the way i wanted. I had no choice but to write a custom Arrangement . If anyone knows of a better way please enlighten me. ColumnFlowArrangement can layout on both the vertical and the horizontal axis. It works by specifying the width, in items, of the initial column. The column is filled with as many labels as there is room for, then a new column will be created with the same width. The arrangement works the same way for rows. The names of the arguments in the class can be a bit confusing but I will fix this and add factory methods to increase readability when I find the time/energy. The class can be found at:

jQuery floating table header plugin

A jQuery plugin that makes the header of a table floating if the original header isn't visible due to scrolling. The plugin will automatically choose the thead tag as the header for a table. If thead isn't found it will search for rows marked with the class 'floating'. The behavior can be changed by the settings forceClass and markingClass. News 2012-08-19 This plugin is no longer maintained by me and this page will therefore not be updated anymore. 2011-01-04 1.4.0 ! Lazy loading of tables and performance optimations by Jason Axley 2010-08-02 1.3.0 ! Better ie6 support, Fixed parameter name typo, 2010-07-08 1.2.0 ! Fixed a few bugs and added reinit and recalculate functions to the table. 2009-10-19 1.1.0 ! Better compatibility, better tested. There are still some problems with IE6 that i would like to have some help with. 2009-10-15 1.0.7 is out! With all fixes made