Mask - the liero clone

Finally I've rewritten my little engine so that it is in a presentable state. The list of things I've tried and changed is huge but in the end it turned out pretty stable. It's gonna take a while to transform this preview into a real game though and i'm not sure i'm up for it actually. This feels like a release to me because it's playable :)

Anyway what i need to do is roughly:
  • Add a menu for game setup and changing controls
  • Adding more weapons
  • Adding powerups
  • Implement some kind of sound support
  • Get new graphics


Here are the controls for both players. I just realized that the keys might be placed very tight. I'm using a split natural keyboard so it works for me.
ActionPlayer 1Player 2
WalkD,G,R,FLeft, Right, U, Down
Change WeaponQY
Ninja RopeQ+WY+U
DiggHold one direction and tap the other

You can also try experimenting with the mouse to add/remove ground and add particles.


If you're like me and running Sun HotSpot 64bit for Linux, there won't be any applet under this text :(
Run the game at the project site


The game can be started as an ordinary Java application as well, download the jar from:


Unknown said…
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Birger said…
Mask verkar kul. Dock funkar inte dun länk "rewritten" längre i blogginlägget =(
Erik said…
Fixed, thanks!

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