The liero project

The last couple of weeks I've been busy with a top secret web page project so i haven't had much time left for this project. But now it's time to work to get my hands dirty.
The first thing I've done is that I decided to name the liero clone project. I can't go around calling it 'the liero clone project'. So in good liero spirit I'm naming it 'Mask', which means worm in Swedish.

The second decision is that I have to rewrite just about everything. This is because:
  • The graphics library need to be decoupled from the game
  • The game is using 'fake' physics, which won't work in the long run
  • The collision detection is not robust
  • Everything became messy and blaaahh
Yes it's gonna be a pain but 'a young idler, an old beggar'. A very suiting proverb for this page :)


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