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Wordpress performance analysis

During my morning web crawl i stumbled on a post at which covers how to analyze Wordpress performance with Firebug. This was an application of Firebug that i haven't thought about even though I've been working with web development and Firebug the last couple of weeks. In my defense the projects at work aren't focused on performance at this point.
Anyway, when i ran Firebug on this blog i noticed that it spends a lot of time searching for an image that doesn't exist. By simply removing the reference to the image from my theme i decreased the loading time by almost two seconds. That's around 50% of the loading time so in my case it turned out to be well worth the 10 minutes spend.
I would like to run Wordpress in a PHP profiler to see why it takes so much time getting a page. I'm already using a cache plugin so the page rendering shouldn't be a problem.

Kill processes with a regexp

I've just uploaded my rekill script. It's only purpose in this existence is to terminate processes that match a given regexp. This is very useful when you want to kill a set of processes at the same time. For instance (no offense):

rekill vmware

Please visit the project page for download and more information. Or... I will add more information if i get a sudden surge of motivation.

PhotoPearls for linux

On my birthday a friend gave my the PhotoPearls set. The application which generates the images is only for Windows But I was able to install and run it with Wine. After a while I got stuck when it required a printer to print the generated image. Since i really wanted to try this i had no choice but to write my own application, gPearl. It runs on all platforms that support Python and the Python Imaging Library. More information about the project can be found on the project page.

Ubiquity Java API Command

Today I've found Jack Nguy'sJava API command. Unfortunately the preview didn't work for me so i decided to fix it. Below there is a link to the fixed version of the command. The only changes I've made are that i added a simple preview template and a comment about it in the header.



Mozilla labs has released a new plugin called Ubiquity that's well worth the time checking out. In short, it's like a rich command line for Firefox. To get a better view of what it does, watch the video at

Commands can be easily written in JavaScript and a nice feature of Qbiquity is that the script file is reloaded every time the command is invoked. Which means that you can test it without restarting Firefox. In my project pages I've written a small command for searching HDBbits, you most of course already have a login there for it to work.