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#spectrial flowers

In the Pirate Bay trial today, Roger Wallis professor and scientist in media technology gave his testimony. Because of his position as a songwriter, scientist and supporter of filesharing he could give the court unique insight of the problem.

His view is that filesharing is better for the artist since it draws profit to the artist from the labels. He based this on both scientific studies and on his perspective as an artist. His statements clearly upset the prosecutor who continued to try and denigrate him by questioning his professorship.

When the judge asked if Wallis wanted any compensation for any expenditures made, Wallis only asked if the court to could send some flowers to his wife. Which they, of course, couldn't. Because of his contribution to the trial many people on #spectrial, twitter and other blogs wanted to grant Wallis' request for flowers to his wife. Independently of each other, flowers was been ordered to his address. Within an hour a web page was created as…

No problems switching host

I was a bit surprised at how easy is was to move the WP installation to another host. I still have to move the domain names but this will work in the mean time. The new host is a VPS over at GleSYS and it's about 5-10 times faster than my previous hosting, so I'm happy. I also got access to the apache logs which always is a bonus.
Any way, i thought about architecture of the liero project last night and it's gonna be a major refactorization session this weekend. Hopefully i'll get the same functionality after the rewrite as before.

Changing host

I'm about to change host for the page to a faster one. This is gonna take some time. Hopefully i can start with my refactoring of the liero clone project next week.

Update on the Liero Project

Haven't done much in the last two weeks. Since some people at HDBits started to use my plugin (and pimping it) i got distracted and switched to that project. Anyway the last couple of days i've done a lot of refactoring to the liero clone. I've separated the physics from the Player object (phew), added health, HUD and a weapon framework. The most important thing now is to add a ninja rope, without it no liero clone is complete.

Applet and keys are on the next page.

Player 1:
Arrow keys

Player 2:

R - Particle rain
Backspace - Regenerate the level
Mouse button 1 - Add dirt
Mouse button 2 - Erase from the level
Mouse button 3 - Shoot blood

The Liero clone project

This is my first post about an ongoing project to make a Liero clone as a Java applet. Most of the physics engine is done, but it's not exactly stable right now. Anyway it works pretty good so i decided to post a small "tech" demo :)
The JAR got really big, about 500k. This is because i used the maven-assembly-plugin to include all the project dependencies. I should be able to reduce the size by excluding log4j and remove some unused classes and resources.

The controls are the arrow keys, K and L for player 1 and W,S,A,D,Z,X for player 2. There is also some functionality attached to the mouse buttons.

Wordpress not detecting 404

I had to turn off permalinks in Wordpress cause missing pages were not detected. So right now I'm stuck with "ugly" URLs until this issue has been resolved.
I've started this thread in the WP support forums to try to get some help on this. So far nothing useful has turned up though.

Edit: I'll keep the broken permalinks because it's already indexed by some search engines. I'll try to install Wordpress from their SVN instead when i get some more time.

Spotify's country restrictions are in the client?

Spotify was a great music service until they were forced to apply country restrictions by the record companies. There's really nothing more to say about that except that its sad...
But, when I got to work today I noticed that i could play everything that was marked as unplayable at home. And if i searched for an artist, that was unplayable at home but playable at work, it became marked as unplayable. My conclusion from this is that Spotify seems to reinforce the country restrictions on the client side, instead of in the server. Which is, of course, funny.
I've uploaded a video at Youtube were i try to show this. For some reason they won't serve it in HD-quality. Guess the whole point of the video is lost in this bad quality cause i couldn't record it with sound either. Never the less, enjoy :)