Spotify's country restrictions are in the client?

Spotify was a great music service until they were forced to apply country restrictions by the record companies. There's really nothing more to say about that except that its sad...
But, when I got to work today I noticed that i could play everything that was marked as unplayable at home. And if i searched for an artist, that was unplayable at home but playable at work, it became marked as unplayable. My conclusion from this is that Spotify seems to reinforce the country restrictions on the client side, instead of in the server. Which is, of course, funny.
I've uploaded a video at Youtube were i try to show this. For some reason they won't serve it in HD-quality. Guess the whole point of the video is lost in this bad quality cause i couldn't record it with sound either. Never the less, enjoy :)


Liberateus said…
I HATE country restrictions.

Keep the net free man!

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