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10k downloads for Cube Algorithms

A milestone has been reached for my first android app Rubik's Cube Algorithms . It now has 10000 downloads and almost 2500 active installs. Considering the very small audience of this app there is a huge potential to reach users through the Android market. I've learned tons of stuff releasing this app, not so much about programming but of how to handle user comments, feature requests, bug corrections and just make to TEST before you release. Obviously you want a good rating of the app on Android market but it's surprisingly hard to not care when someone give it a bad rating. Even if the comment suggests that the user doesn't know what he's talking about: I thought this was going to be like a vertual rubics cube little did i know its faaarr from it[,] this stuff is like triginomatry This user gave the app a rating of one, even though he clearly didn't read the description of the app. Not everyone will like what you're doing, no matter how much effort you