Cubing for charity

The last couple of months I've been traveling in Asia and come face to face with the extreme poverty here. Of course I've heard the news, seen the pictures and read the facts but it's not the same as actually seeing it with your own eyes. I felt like I had to do something. So I've decided that until the profit from the ads in Rubik's Cube Algorithms (and other apps) reaches a substantial part of my normal income, it will be donated to charity. I know this is kind of a feel-good-move on my part since the amount of money spent by me for the sole purpose of traveling is infinitely more than the profit from the ads. But at least it's something and I will continue with the donations on each payment from admob.

The first donation goes to Hand in Hand whose objective is:
Our objective is to eliminate poverty by creating jobs. We do this through our unique holistic approach that tackles the areas that matter the most to poor communities – microfinance, education, health, information, and environment.
The amount donated is £17.00 GBP ($26 USD). It's not much, but according to Hand in Hand it will at least "Provide one woman with entrepreneurial training to start her own business".


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