Rubik's Cube Algorithms v2.0

After almost 100h of spare time coding I'm finished with the rewrite of Rubik's Cube Algorithms v2.0. I've basically rewritten every single line of code in the whole application. But if you ask me the result is great! And hopefully the users will appreciate it as well. The app can be found at Android Market:


  • F2L/PLL/OLL algorithms
  • Algorithms rotation
  • Trigger moves grouping
  • Add / Edit custom algorithms
Planned features:
  • Ad-free version
  • 4x4 and 5x5 renderers
  • Better trigger detection for the left hand
  • Nicer layout for tablets


Adam Sasine said…
Hey! I really like your Algorithm app. It's fantastic. I was wondering if I could get the source code for the app? I won't be posting a rendition of your app on the market, I promise. I only wish to see how you coded some of the elements in the Java and XML. Purely curiosity. I do, on the other hand, plan to use the features you did implement in the Algorithm app into several of my other apps. If you say no, I understand completely, but I admire the way this app was made and wish to use some of the elements. Thank you in advance.
Erik said…
Send me an email with the features your'e interested in and i can give you code for those sections.

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