I won the Java 4k Game Competition 2011

I'm very proud to say that my game '4Kube 3d' won the java 4k game competition this year. And what is more surprising, for me at least, is that it came first in both the judge and community voting.

The timing of the results was very good also for me. I've just come back after seven months of backpacking in Asia and this will certainly relieve some of the inevitable post travel depression.

Needless to say i got a lot of help from other people, so a big thanks to:
* Rasmus (RL. GREEN LABEL) for helping me with level design and testing.
* The guys at java-gaming.org forums for a lot of tips on how to improve the game.
* Riven for his most excellent Compile 'n Shrink service.

Other posts about the competition:
* http://www.indiegames.com/blog/2011/03/java4k_2011_competition_result.html
* http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/03/29/impossigames-the-java4k-challenge/


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