No URL showing in GWT 2.0 Development mode

I've had some problems starting GWT 2.0 projects in Eclipse with the build-in Jetty server. The problem was that no URL was showing in the Development Mode tab, and the project didn't seem to start properly. This problem only occures when i generate project files with the maven-eclipse-plugin. Both in Linux and Windows.

To fix the problem, add the project natures by hand to the maven-eclipse-plugin configuration. This is what my configuration looks like:



If you find something that isn't necessary please reply to this post.


Anonymous said…
Why are you excluding the gwt-user.jar?
Erik said…
That's a good question. It's always been in my configuration :) I'm guessing that when you have the gwt-nature on a project in eclipse the google plugin will configure the SDK correctly. So that setting will be ignored anyway. But I will test this tonight if I find the time. Thanks for the comment
Unknown said…
Where do i find the maven-eclipse-plugin configuration usually? What file?
Erik said…
In the POM (pom.xml)
Unknown said…
Oh, so you are not using m2eclipse plugin then? What eclipse plugin do you recommend?
Erik said…
Nope, I'm not using any plugin for eclipse-maven integration so I can't help you there. I run maven from command line and only for generating project files, running unit tests and packaging.
123 said…

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