jQuery Column Iterator Plugin

Today i needed a jQuery plugin that could iterate over all cells in a column of a table. Since our tables can be very large i didn't want to use the jQuery column cell selector plugin since it creates a lookup table. We won't use rowspan in the tables anyway so i made my own column iterator.

A demo can be found at:

The plugin can be downloaded at:


Bram Stein said…

Nice alternative to the column selector. I've added a link to your blog entry from the project page. I'm not sure if the performance is going to differ much. The selector plugin does build a lookup table, but it does so by only iterating through the cells once. Only when there are row spans in the table it will be more expensive. Once the cache has been built the selector only has to perform constant lookups, which might be beneficial if you wish to select multiple columns.

Anyway, nice work and good luck with your project,


Erik said…
Yes, that’s true. Normally i would rather have used your version than to write my own.
But because we don’t use all the features of your plugin it seemed like a good idea to write a simpler one. Also we’re using JSF/RichFaces and it generates a lot of inline JS, so whenever we have a chance to save some memory, we take it.
In the end we didn’t use any of the plugins, we solved it on the server side instead :)

Thanks, good luck to you as well.
123 said…

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