iTunes blocks JBoss naming service port

Today I had problems with Eclipse and JBoss. Somehow Eclipse couldn't detect that JBoss had started and aborted the process after 420 seconds and i noticed the exception in the log.

2000-06-03 80:23:11,220 ERROR [Naming] Could not start on port 1099 Address already in use: JVM_Bind

After a quick check with Active Ports i saw that iTunesHelper.exe held the port. And when the process got killed, Eclipse started working as expected again. 1099 might have been assigned to iTunesHelper since it's inside Windows' ephemeral port range. Just to be sure this doesn't happens again I removed the auto start of iTunesHelper from the registry.


And adjusted Windows' ephemeral port range so that some other service doesn't grab the port. There's a great guide over at on how you do this for different operating systems.


Shashi said…
Thanks. Start Jboss. then itunes, then it never acquire the port no 1099
123 said…

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