Eclipse 3.4 - Essential hotkeys

This is the third part of my Eclipse configuration series. At work we have a new guy who never has used Eclipse before, so he's a little lost when it comes to navigating the code base. I tried to write down a list of hotkeys that would make his life easier, but there are so many of them! Here is a list of my favorite hotkeys grouped by the area of use. I really tried to keep the list short but some shortcuts you just can't live without.


  • ctrl+space - The most important hotkey of them all, auto complete.
  • ctrl+m - Maximize the current view.
  • ctrl+3 - Open preferences or any other view.


  • f3 - Open declaration.
  • ctrl+o - Quick outline of the class files, great for navigating within a class quickly.
  • ctrl+t - Open the type hierarchy.
  • ctrl+shift+g - Get a list of all methods that calls the current method.
  • ctrl+k - Next occurrence of the currently selected text.
  • ctrl+. - Goto the next error or warning, use ',' for the previous.
  • ctrl+shift+r - Open a resource.
  • ctrl+shift+t - Open a type.
  • ctrl+q - Goto last edit position.

Refactor and source generation

  • ctrl+1 - Quick fix! A lot of great functionality.
  • ctrl+2, L - Extract selection to local variable.
  • ctrl+alt+r - Rename the current variable, method or class
  • ctrl+shift+o - Add imports for unknown classes and remove unused.
  • ctrl+shift+m - Try to import the class that the cursor stands on.
  • alt+shift+s, r - Generate setters/getters from fields.

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