Welcome to 1984

Well my friends, today is 1984. This post is not about development, no. It's about four new laws that really kicks the concept of personal integrity in the ass.
Here in Sweden both FRA and the IPRED are now in place with the data retention-law and ACTA on the way. I dedicate this post to try and summarize these laws and directives. Many of these links are in Swedish but some are were available in English as well.

Is a Swedish legislative package that authorizes the state to warrantlessly wiretap all telephone and Internet traffic that crosses Sweden's borders. Which is just about all internet bound traffic. This was of course done in the name of national security, as if someone would send unencrypted messages if they were planning to do a terrorist attack.

DMCA-light. It enables a 3:rd party to get information about who had a certain IP-address at a specific time, if they present reasonable evidence that some one has file shared from that address. When they get the information they will, as they do in Denmark, send a dunning where they demand to get an amount that corresponds to about four months of salary. If you take it to the court, you have to pay the court costs and it be somewhere between 10000-30000 euros. If you loose you have to pay for an ad-space in a news paper were you explain what you've done.

Data retention
This mean that it is stored when telephone calls were made and received, emails sent and received and web sites visited. The location of cellphones at the time of the call is also stored. All information should be available for at least two years. (more information in Swedish)

The goal of ACTA is to "establish a new international legal framework" and "to set a new, higher benchmark for intellectual property rights enforcement that countries can join on a voluntary basis.". The biggest controversy with ACTA is that the negotiations have been conducted in secrecy. But apparently a lot of people that works for big copyright holding companies have access to these documents. Fortunately some documents were leaked to wikileaks otherwise we wouldn't know about this at all.


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